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We have created a directory of experienced intermediaries working within the criminal justice system and family courts in the Midlands region.

All of the intermediaries in our directory have completed the Registered Intermediary training course at City Law School in London, as well as being fully qualified professionals such as Speech and Language Therapists with a wealth of experience. Many of our intermediaries have also completed the extended skills training run by Intermediaries for Justice on working with defendants and family proceedings.

Intermediaries are specialists in assessing communication and the intermediaries in our directory have all managed hundreds of cases throughout the justice system. 

Each intermediary works within their area of specialism so you can be certain that they have the relevant expertise to assist each vulnerable person.  Specialist areas include; mental health disorders, learning disability, autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, sensory integration disorder, language delay/disorder, speech delay/disorder, stroke/CVA, head injury, dementia, motor neurone disease and dyspraxia/dysarthria.

Intermediaries work with:

  • Vulnerable witnesses as Registered Intermediaries (contact NCA to request a RI for a vulnerable witness)
  • Vulnerable suspects during police interview
  • Vulnerable defendants in criminal court matters
  • Children in family court matters
  • Adults in family court matters

Please refer to the ‘Find an Intermediary’ page to locate the most suitable intermediary for your needs.

A general enquiry can be sent to midlandintermediary@gmail.com, but please do not send confidential information to this email address as this is not a secure email account.